The story about IDEAL by Schachter Diamonds is a story of love. Of people who love what they do. Of people who love each other. And of the people who buy their diamonds as a symbol of the love they feel for the women in their lives.

By maintaining IDEAL by Schachter Diamonds as a family business, Leo Schachter passed down his own passion for diamond craftsmanship. He shared that passion for what the company’s mission is striving to craft the most brilliant and magnificently cut diamonds in the world — with each generation to follow and with every master diamantaire who works with the company. Every craftsman at Schachter Diamonds feels a commitment to integrity in the quality of their diamonds and the way in which they are sold.

It all began more than half a century ago. Leo Schachter went into the diamond business with a passion he inherited from his father, Max, who learned the art of diamond cutting nearly 100 years ago in Antwerp, Belgium.

Leo’s passion for crafting rough diamonds into the world’s most brilliant symbols of love is one that he has passed down to the next two generations of family members. It is this passion that transforms a rough diamond into an exceptional IDEAL by Schachter Diamond.

Our Difference

In an IDEAL World, Practice Makes Perfect

For more than half a century, the master diamantaires of IDEAL by Schachter Diamonds have been among the world’s leading craftsmen of fine diamonds with a passion for perfection. For over four generations they have practiced their craft, marrying their mastery of the art of diamond cutting with the latest innovations in modern technology.

The result: A diamond of incomparable beauty, the IDEAL by Schachter Diamond. A precision cut that unlocks the full potential of every diamond and consistently delivers a larger and brighter appearance.

The IDEAL by Schachter Diamonds round diamond is one of the most brilliant available today.  With 58 facets, each facet is precisely cut to maximize the light return, resulting in a diamond that truly dazzles. The IDEAL by Schachter Diamonds princess cut diamond is graded by various third party grading labs. It is also graded for optimal proportions, and cut to the highest standards to deliver stunning brilliance.

Leo Schachter developed a reputation for fine finish as diamond polishers in 1952 and has gained a loyal international following over the years as a premium designer of brilliant round and fancy shape diamonds.

Master Craftsmen

Ideal by Schachter Diamonds, Brilliantly Crafted

IDEAL by Schachter Diamonds, Brilliantly Crafted

A diamond in the rough becomes an IDEAL by Schachter diamond only when a Leo Schachter skilled diamantaire unleashes its natural beauty and brilliance through precise, artistic cutting techniques. An IDEAL by Schachter Diamond requires that a highly skilled Leo Schachter diamantaire spend up to four days to precisely cut each facet to exacting proportions, twice as long as it takes a typical diamond cutter to cut a standard diamond.

Schachter Diamonds’ master diamantaires cut and polish each diamond to meet the most demanding parameters of IDEAL by Schachter Diamonds design. IDEAL by Schachter Diamonds is far and away the superior choice for your diamond.